How to prepare for internship hunting?

How to prepare for internship hunting?

How to prepare for an internship and not to go crazy?

You work hard at the university, you spend nights on cramming to pass the toughest exam and finally it’s done – you are a qualified professional, the world belong to you! But does it? Nowadays more and more employers pay attention to professional work experience gained during studies.

It is also a certain sign for them that potential employee is agile, hardworking, seeking for development. Applying for internship could bring an additional value for you as well – it’s a trial period during which you could check whether your expectations towards desired career path match the reality.

If you’re currently studying and you’d like to get an internship which is not based on coffee brewing or document scanning, here are some tips for you!


How to prepare for internship hunting?

So it’s decided – you’re looking for internship. But before you proceed with the actual hunting, make sure you brace yourself with proper tools! First of all, prepare your CV. You need to keep in mind that, it has to be tailored depending on internship you’re applying for.

Bombing all job portals with the same, cliché text is no longer the deal. Pick up the most interesting offers, read through them and take a look at the buzz words. It’s worth using them in your CV and highlighting the skills that are actually matching the job description. I know it takes time, but trust me – they’ll call you (but make sure you add the right contact details)!

Secondly, take care of the first good impression. Read through the job profile before interview, get ready with your questions and even if your interview is online, make it neat – eye contact, good sound and video quality as well as no drying laundry in the camera range will certainly be considered as a plus.


Coffee brewing and document scanning? No, thanks.

You got the job interview invitation? Great! Now it’s time to make sure your internship offer will not end up on coffee brewing and document scanning. How to do so? Every good job interview should be considered as a dialogue – you will get lots of questions from the recruiter and the hiring manager, but make sure you will have some space for your queries as well.

What should be checked during the interview? Ask whether the responsibilities are having actual impact on work in the company, what is the company culture and the overall message the company is spreading as an employer. Companies that are people-oriented are not afraid to invest in workers’ development.

The message itself is equally important – saying you’re eco aware, it’d be great to work at company carrying for sustainable development, right?





Go LinkedIn!

It’s essential to look for an internship, but at the same time… it could be found by itself as well and I’m not talking about magic! Nowadays the majority of professionals are setting LinkedIn accounts. Not only will it let you present yourself as a young potential entering the professional world but also will help you with extending your business network.

The world is full of coincidences, and you never know when someone will recommend you for a great internship. Or perhaps the recruiter itself will connect with you to present the opportunity? Finally, LinkedIn enables you to follow companies and their latest updates.

How great impression it’d generate if you could start your small talk during the interview saying “By the way, I’ve heard you’ve recently been recognized with that award. Congratulations!


The prospect of longer cooperation

Looking for internship, we predominantly focus on here and now. What is also worth considering is that such cooperation could turn into successful, long-term cooperation! Some companies are packed with success stories in which one started the career as an intern and eventually ended up with specialist, leader or manager position.

If you’d like to keep the door open, make sure you put some heart into the work done during internship. Get to know people, participate in company events and group actions. Not only will you learn about the culture from the inside out, but also will build relationships which also are foundation of the success. Here’s a great example:


I hope you liked the article and it was helpful. If you’re looking for a great internship, make sure you check up Barry Callebaut at Lodz! ;)


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